This Jewelry Store Enabled Scammers To Rip Off Sailors With Fake Rolex Watches

The lawsuit alleges that a jewelry store did nothing to stop con men from taking advantage of young sailors buying expensive replica watches.

For months, con men walked into Reeds Jewelers in Virginia Beach and helped young sailors buy Rolex watches with special financing, according to a lawsuit.

The sailors would then walk outside, sell the watches to the con men for pennies on the dollar and not pay off the loans.

The jeweler’s reaction when an assistant manager brought the scam to the attention of her bosses? Ignore the whistleblower’s pleas for help, fire her when a finance company started asking questions and then bad-mouth her when she was hired by another jeweler, the lawsuit said.

Fake Rolex Watches

Christine Anderson sued her former employer last month, claiming wrongful discharge among other things. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Norfolk, seeks $950,000 in damages, plus attorney fees, court costs and interest.

“This case is largely motivated with the interest of protecting future military members from being made a part of this scam or others like it,” said attorney Todd Gaynor, who declined to comment further.

In an interview Monday, an attorney for Reeds denied wrongdoing by his client. Thomas Lucas acknowledged the apparent pattern of people buying jewelry from Reeds and defaulting on their loans but said the jeweler was not a party to a scam.

“The company didn’t sponsor any sort of scheme to defraud,” Lucas said. He added that Reeds – one of two authorized Rolex retailers in South Hampton Roads – reported the suspect transactions to Virginia Beach police and Naval Criminal Investigative Services.

replica rolex submariner no date and green
replica rolex submariner no date and green

A Beach spokeswoman declined to comment, indicating that NCIS investigated the alleged scam. An NCIS spokesman declined to comment last week.

Lucas also denied that Anderson was terminated for refusing to go along. The company has asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

Anderson started working for Reeds in October 2006 as a sales associate, the suit said. In time, she was promoted to assistant manager at the Lynnhaven Mall store and was even offered a position as manager of a store at Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News.

She was fired April 18, 2015, though. She was officially terminated for not following a company policy on the use of multiple lenders, the lawsuit said. But it claimed the real reason was that she tried to cast light on a scheme “wherein Reeds was taking advantage of young military individuals and reaping large profits as a result.”

Anderson first noticed it in or around October 2014, according to the lawsuit. She said she saw a small group of people she called “handlers” repeatedly come into the store with young sailors she called “buyers.” The lawsuit said the buyers would request and receive credit from Reeds’ lending partners and then buy jewelry – usually fake rolex watches.

Anderson learned in time that the sailors were reselling the watches to the handlers for “a fraction of the amount actually financed” and then defaulting on the loans, the lawsuit said.

Anderson claimed she started trying to talk the sailors out of the loans. But the lawsuit said she also “repeatedly informed Reeds management about this scheme and the potential harm being perpetrated on young military personnel wholesale replica watches.”

replica Rolex 18-karat

Stylish Vintage Constellation Replica Men’s Watches Doing Well At Auction

Smartwatches are pretty cool, but not as distinctive or stylish as a vintage constellation replica men’s watch

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about smartwatches. Many of these come with accelerometers, heart rate monitors, GPS, and some even have the capacity to make phone calls.

Pretty cool, yes, but not as distinctive and stylish as a vintage watch, in my opinion.

womens genuine leather vintage style dress replica watch
womens genuine leather vintage style dress replica watch

Some collectors fascinated with horology will pay top dollar for vintage timepieces, pocket watches, and wristwatches.

Whether it’s the sophistication and pedigree that comes with a vintage dress watch or the cool factor of a dive watch from the 1960s or ’70s, vintage watches, in general, are doing well at auction.

The most famous of recent auction history was the Patek Philippe Supercomplication pocket fake watch that fetched $24 million in 2014 at a Sotheby’s auction in Switzerland. Dating back to the early 1930s, the watch took several years to build and featured 24 “complications” or functions.

Patek Philippe and rare Rolex watches do well at auction. Last January, during our annual New Year’s Day auction, we sold a custom Rolex 18-karat Presidential Men’s Diamond Watch for $200. Dating back to the mid-1980s, it was a true show stopper, featuring diamonds, rubies, a fire opal face and a diamond-encrusted band and bezel.

replica Rolex 18-karat
replica Rolex 18-karat

This custom 18-karat Presidential Men’s diamond Rolex copy watch sold for $22,000 during J. Levine’s New Year’s Day auction last year. The diamond and ruby Rolex featured a fire opal face, diamond encrusted band and bezel. A true show stopper, this vintage watch dates back to the mid-1980s. (Photo: J. Levine Auction & Appraisal)

Other classic brands that I see doing well at auction include Breitling, Movado, Jaeger-LeCoultre,  Heuer Autavia, Omega, Racine, Tudor, Mido, IWC (International Watch Company) and others.

What to look for

What to look for if you’re bidding on a vintage watch? Like anything, do your research about the brand and understand the mechanics of the watch. Examine the condition in person if you can, or have a friend do it for you. If the watch is missing parts, research how easy it is to find replacement parts. The last thing you want to do is spend more money repairing the watch than you paid for it.

Ask to see provenance and try to find out if the previous owners specialized in collecting the brand you want to purchase. Some collectors like to own a variety of different watches, while others will spend a lifetime collecting one or two brands. These collectors really know their stuff and have made discerning purchases.

patek philippe stainless steel calatrava wrist imitation watch
patek philippe stainless steel calatrava wrist imitation watch

Watch for fakes

Finally, be wary of fake luxury watches. Check type faces and engravings to make sure they are authentic. Listen to the watch – if the ticking is really loud, that’s a red flag. Weigh it – often fake watches are lighter since they are made with less expensive materials. If you’re unsure, have a professional assess it.

Like anything vintage, you will likely come across watches that have dials and other parts that have been replaced or refinished. These watches will be less desirable to serious collectors who are always on the hunt for original dials and unpolished original cases.

Again, nothing against smartwatches, but besides style, another thing a vintage watch has going for it – it can’t get hacked. Auctions 190 Limited Edition And Early Prototype Swatch Fake Watches, a specialist dealer of vintage Swatch fake watches, is auctioning 190 rare pieces in an  online sale.

swatch quartz
swatch quartz

The Netherlands- based business expects the sale to raise over £100,000 from collectible rarities including Swatch watches such as vintage omega seamaster date automatic replica watches from artists including Kiki Picasso, Mimmo Paladino and Keith Haring.

The auction also has one-off prototypes created by Swatch in 1982 and 1983, when its first watches were being developed.

Vintage Heuer
Vintage Heuer

About 350 collectors have already registered or placed bids in the Squiggly Auction, which is open until Friday, December 16.

And it is still open for registration until December 16th. Because this is a self-hosted auction without third parties involved and open to all collectors and Swatch aficionados around the world, this auction will be unique in its class, and with no additional costs one would have at major auction houses. you can also find the rarest vintage copy rolex chronographs there.

Replica Watches In James Bond Movie To Be Sold In Order To Help The Aged Who Have Wild Flower Meadow

A James Bond replica watch made to be used in the film will be sold at auction in a bid to provide elderly residents of County Durham village with a wild flower meadow.

The Seiko H558-5000 model replica watch, can clearly be seen in a deleted scene of ‘A View to a Kill’, when it is picked up by Roger Moore in a Parisian police station.

The fashion fake watch is in the original Seiko case and stamped with the serial number ‘246904’ below the word ‘SAMPLE’.

replica seiko astron watch gps solar chronograph limited edition
replica seiko astron watch gps solar chronograph limited edition

There is no movement inside the case, only the garrotting wire referred to in the film with a mention to a similar gadget used in ‘From Russia, With Love’, while it is also fitted with a dummy digital readout.

The the omega seamaster 300 spectre replcia watch was given to the vendor, Angela Rafferty, by a member of the Eon Productions crew for her museum in Hamsterley Village, in Teesdale.

The museum has now closed and Mrs Rafferty is selling the watch to raise funds to create a wild flower meadow in the village for its elderly residents.

She said: “I am sad to see the watch go as I am a big fan of Bond.

“My favourite being ‘From Russia with Love’, I remember a similar watch being used on Sean Connery by a villain in that film.

“I intend to put the money raised from the sale towards the purchase and restoration of a wild flower meadow in the village of Hamsterley.

replica rolex submariner. 5513 milsub with original military issue nato strap
replica rolex submariner. 5513 milsub with original military issue nato strap

“At the moment there is nowhere for the old folks to sit and enjoy the fresh air and I hope to change that.”

The item has been valued at £400 to 600 and will be sold at auction by Anderson & Garland, in Newcastle, on December 8.

Fred Wyrley Birch, specialist at the auction house, said: “He’s the world’s most famous secret agent, and the selection of copy watches on his wrist is at least as varied as the parade of ‘Bond girls’ at his side.”

“The secret agent has worn many watches in the Bond films, including a replica Rolex Submariner in a Licence to Kill, Omega Seamaster 300 in Goldeneye and a TAG Heuer Professional Night-Dive in The Living Daylights,” Mr Wyrley Birch added.

speedmaster dark side of the moon
speedmaster dark side of the moon

“We have had interest from Bond fans around the world; the replica omega seamaster planet ocean chronometer watch is totally unique and will be highly sort after as it was used as a prop in the film.”

It’s Not Your Uncle’s Gold Replica Watch

The gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watch: so iconic, so burdened with associations.

For company men of the Cold War era, the gold fake watch was the cherished retirement gift, a symbol of hard-won achievement. By the moneyed 1980s, however, it had became the horological equivalent of a 60-foot Chris-Craft, an emblem of macho swagger appropriated by bonus babies and rappers.

audemars piguet royal oak 39mm extra-thin
audemars piguet royal oak 39mm extra-thin

Lately, however, gold best cheap swiss watches are moving beyond the pages of the Robb Report, and catching on with a more street-smart crowd.
Call it a revival. Call it a reclamation. Just don’t call it bling.
Jay Z wore a stately Jaeger-LeCoultre Tribute to 1931 Reverso in pink gold with his elegant black tie to the Grammys in February. John Mayer, a noted watch enthusiast, has been seen in a jumbo rose gold fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.
True, like leather pants, a gold watch is a statement, and wearing one takes a certain attitude to pull it off. But that willingness to court a higher reward by higher style risk is one reason some young professionals, like Blake Egan, a software salesman in San Francisco, are deciding that there is life after stainless steel.

To Mr. Egan, 30, a gold Rolex Day-Date replica was like something his father had worn. “That was Lyndon Johnson’s watch,” he said. “And Don Johnson’s watch in the first season of ‘Miami Vice.’ ”

Then, last April, Mr. Egan decided he loved the look of an 18-karat Rolex Submariner fake watch with a blue dial, the quintessential power watch. He invested $27,000 in one, and was surprised by the reaction. Ordinary citizens were glancing at his wrist. Flight attendants cooed.

diver collection chronograph replica watches
diver collection chronograph replica watches

Now he counts two rose-gold replica Patek Philippes  in his collection. “In less than a year, I went from not being sure on a full gold watch to being hooked on them,” he said.

There was a rush on rose gold at last month’s Baselworld watch and jewelry fair in Switzerland. Rolex, for example, made a statement about rose gold’s sporty potential with the Everose and black Yacht-Master with an Oysterflex rubber bracelet . The Apple Watch is available in rose gold, too.

At more terrestrial prices, David Sokosh, the founder of Brooklyn Watches, a boutique watchmaker in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, sells two models in rose gold-coated stainless steel, for $1,150 and $1,395, for retro-minded heritage types on a budget.