This Jewelry Store Enabled Scammers To Rip Off Sailors With Fake Rolex Watches

The lawsuit alleges that a jewelry store did nothing to stop con men from taking advantage of young sailors buying expensive replica watches. For months, con men walked into Reeds Jewelers in Virginia Beach and helped young sailors buy Rolex watches with special financing, according to a lawsuit. The sailors would then walk outside, sell […]

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Stylish Vintage Constellation Replica Men’s Watches Doing Well At Auction

Smartwatches are pretty cool, but not as distinctive or stylish as a vintage constellation replica men’s watch Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about smartwatches. Many of these come with accelerometers, heart rate monitors, GPS, and some even have the capacity to make phone calls. Pretty cool, yes, but not as distinctive and stylish […] Auctions 190 Limited Edition And Early Prototype Swatch Fake Watches, a specialist dealer of vintage Swatch fake watches, is auctioning 190 rare pieces in an  online sale. The Netherlands- based business expects the sale to raise over £100,000 from collectible rarities including Swatch watches such as vintage omega seamaster date automatic replica watches from artists including Kiki Picasso, Mimmo Paladino and Keith Haring. The auction […]

Replica Watches In James Bond Movie To Be Sold In Order To Help The Aged Who Have Wild Flower Meadow

A James Bond replica watch made to be used in the film will be sold at auction in a bid to provide elderly residents of County Durham village with a wild flower meadow. The Seiko H558-5000 model replica watch, can clearly be seen in a deleted scene of ‘A View to a Kill’, when it […]

It’s Not Your Uncle’s Gold Replica Watch

The gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watch: so iconic, so burdened with associations. For company men of the Cold War era, the gold fake watch was the cherished retirement gift, a symbol of hard-won achievement. By the moneyed 1980s, however, it had became the horological equivalent of a 60-foot Chris-Craft, an emblem of macho […]