Salvaged Automotive Imitation Watches

REC Replica Watches are Made from Recycled Classic Car Parts

REC discount replica watches are a unique timepiece brand that combines two historically intertwined types of machinery. The brand offers watches that are made from recycled car parts, with the selected vehicles being classics from automotive history.

Fine timepieces and fine automobiles have gone together since the early days of the automotive industry. Indeed, one would be hard pressed to flip through a car magazine without seeing several ads for various fake watch brands — a testament to the power of cars in marketing luxury items. Rather than just ostensibly branding itself around driving, though, REC Watches literally integrates automobiles into its products.

rec replica watches
rec replica watches

The company’s various collections are each made from different salvaged classic models. The company tracks down classic vehicles between 30 and 60 years old, and it uses these parts for its watches. As such, each timepiece is unique from the others, even if part of the same collection.

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